Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rain from Below...

Garet and I had a kick a$$ ride at SMP on Wednesday. The weather was freaky-weird and most of our group bailed on the ride. I convinced him to make the drive up from the boonies and go for it. All day it had been foggy and unseasonably warm. The warm temps caused a strange moisture to rise from the ground, though it never actually rained; it was like it rained without raining. We were socked-in by clouds at ground level, weirdness.

The trails systems in KC have been so dusty and dry this winter that I had a suspicion that a little moisture might be a good thing, so we went. We hit the trails and the dirt was actually still dusty, however, the rocks were all wet. It was weird to see these dark colored wet stones on a perfectly dry bed of dirt. The rocks were slicker than snot to say the least, and it was almost like riding on snow.

My ride was crap. I think I bonked as soon as I left the driveway. Something was wrong and I could not for the life of me keep on top of my gear. I was a poor excuse for a riding partner. Not only that, but as we were starting our second lap, my light died (did I mention this was a night ride?). I have never had my light go out before during a ride. Bummer! Garet went ahead and finish the lap and I found the nearest chicken exit and headed for the road to rendezvous with him and the paved trail heading back to my casa. I was not really unhappy since I was riding like a lame a$$ anyway and this was my mandatory excuse to be done riding.

We were able to do another half mile or so of single track in the dark, me following him with only his single light glowing in the distance. Lesson learned, bring a back-up light source, even if it is only a lighter...and don't be a pussy.

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