Friday, August 30, 2013

Passing the Torch...

Mark your calenders. Team 8 Lumens & The Pirate Crew is throwing a going away party for me, on bikes, in the dark - and you get to race and win junk and swill booze. How sweet does that sound? 

Be there, as this might be the last Pirate cXc event in the KC area run by the original crew.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Last night El Blanco Miguel (#8lumens), Captain Cuntwat and I headed up to rally with the Northlanders at the infamous SMV  Humper  - or otherwise known as The Pirates last hoo-rah ride and tunnel squeeze. The *236 mile drive in rush-hour traffic was our excuse for a late arrival, that and Missouri drivers; total flippin' retards.

Low and behold, and much to our surprise, the parking lot at Smokin' Davey trail head was packed fuller than a summer sausage. There were at least *666 vehicles in and/or around the parking lot, and gaggles of lycra-dipped cyclists ready to pounce. We too were ready.

Crocheted beer coozie by LL -
Pretty much THE most bad-ass invention EVER.
I ordered 20 of these custom for the Pirate Crew.
Dr. Dover, Double-D, Smoovranger, Farmy, Justin, El Blanco, Cuntwat and I headed out on what appeared to be the typical local's lap - a counter-clockwise loop of the best of the best riding SMV has to offer. We were not disappointed as we did our best to keep-up with the group, stopping only to down shots of whisky and candy cigarettes. These 'locals' were on a mission to kill the Southies as we were called, but we did our best Dale impression and kept the home fires burning. JOCO - you should be proud.

It was hot as phuk! Humidity in the 200% range, at minimum which was the cause for many irregular mirage type images - or was that Maxithad's choice of bibs? Whatever the case, all of the fast-paced riding and sweat-induced gagery was a sure cry for cold beer. We pointed our ships Northward and successfully arrive at Port Davey, where we anchored ourselves to the pave' with far too many barley-pops while surrounded by men-in-skirts.

The Northies know how to drink beer and ride bikes - I give them that. However, they were newbies to the whole party-game scene, which was promptly remedied by yours truly as we partook in a fine game of 'caving'

We had a flippin' great ride and visit with a solid crew. Thanks for the tour fellas! Hope to see you all again for some craziness before the Pirate sails westward. Cheers!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Morning Dew...

Still crazy around the lair. 
Lots going on. 
Made some time this a.m. and rallied out for a lap at SMP with Handleballs.
6 a.m. start time. 
No coffee.
This was after a late night boozing it up with old friends. 
I'll get plenty of sleep when I'm dead.
The ride was well worth the pain.

And that blur you see ^^^
Is the Bike I built while studying at Metal Guru.
29+ monster truck of fun.
Orange Crush.
More on [that] soon enough.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Into (the) Chasm...

Mr. Chasm decided to throw another parking garage , urban riding festival of debauchery. Maxithad, team 8-lumens and yours truly decided that this was a good idea, not to be missed. Chasm claimed some going away format for the Pirate was his excuse, but we all know he was in dire need of a boozification do to his recent indulgence in fatherhood - which is not unlike tripping on LCD for a year straight. I get it.
There's not a lot to tell, as this is a ride to experience rather than speak about. We had fun riding bikes in the city. We played around when we could, checked out the views and caused very little havoc (compared to my youth).  Good times my KC friends. I will miss these adventures for sure. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

New Ship...

More on my Framebuilding Education @ Metal Guru .
Check it out HERE.

For Realz...

SSUSA is this weekend. If you're not there, you suck. End of transmittal. 

Lone Ranger...

August was a flippin' whirlwind of pure craziness. My mind is still spinning, spinning, spinning. I was in Colorado for vacation with my family the first two weeks, then back for a week while my wife was interviewing for two jobs and I was getting the house ready to go on the market. Then the last two weeks I was in New York learning how to build Bike frames. Now I'm back in KC again working, pacing, trying to ride and maintain some kind of sanity while my family is already relocated to a friends house in the mountains. Like I said, a flippin' whirlwind.

With that being said, We did have a little going away party. Hung with Sherman of 29nSNGL (and Niner) who gave me the scoop on next weekends SSUSA. I also got to put in a few miles with G-wiz at SMP on what was THE best dirt conditions EVER. So good that G-wiz was stoked about how he'd "never gone so fast down that section". That was until he yard-sailed the crap outta himself and his bike.

If you don't crash, you're not mountain biking.
8-Lumens in the house party people

Niner Demo @ SMP

Twisted bar, shifter/brake lever and saddle - post yard sale, care of G-wiz

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

44 Bikes - Shop Visit...

Entrance to the shop
Last week I had the honor of touring the metal shop of Forty Four Bikes, in Lyndenborough New Hampshire. Since I was in the area learning the skill of frame building, I thought the opportunity to visit Forty Four Bikes was a necessity. Kris Henry, the man behind the mask, style, design and image of the brand was very accommodating to my request to visit. So accommodating that he had breakfast ready for us both as I arrived - painting a picture of this mans class right from the get-go. 
Metal Shop
We sat around is his beautifully decorated home, drank coffee and talked about bikes, his history and what drives him to succeed. He gave freely his opinions and recommendations of how to get started in the industry.  
Wilton Vise & Files
One of the first things that caught my eye with Forty Four Bikes was the curves and the branding. Every detail of his process and product is thought out to the last detail. The image I had in my mind of what his shop space and thought process was like ended up being spot-on - just from viewing his website and Facebook posts, a well defined picture. I felt a connection to Kris through artistic style and attention to detail - a perfectionist who cares as much about the process, quality and image as I do. Simple yet sexy curves, out-of-the-box design ideas that have been brought to fruition makes Forty Four stand out from the ever growing custom frame shop world.
Bridgeport Milling Machine
I could go on for days about Kris' background in the cycling community, how he studied under Master Frame builder, Ted Wojcik or how he has been patiently growing his business over many, many years of hard work. How he is kind and helpful to people he's never met, and humble in his answers and prowess. I believe Kris will be going a long way with his vision that is Forty Four Bikes
44 Bikes Proto Mountain frames #1-4

Swear to Shred

I will let you decide for yourself however - to explore his online presence and judge for yourself. I for one see a very well made product that I'd be honored to add to my stable.  Special thanks to Kris for the tour, for allowing me into his home, to see his shop, process and product; and to gain yet another friend in the cycling community.
Black Cap Studio (Kris' Design Studio)
< Kris  &  Burnsey>

Monday, August 5, 2013

Metal Guru #6

Business Time... Final welding, Alignment and Braze-on's.

Metal Guru #5

Seat Stays, Milling Frame Jig Parts, Tubes all bent, Tacking, Welding and 3" rubber... Getting close to go time.

Metal Guru #4

Chain stay Day. Things are getting sexy...

Metal Guru #3

More welding practice. Paragon Machine Works 29+ yoke prep, welding and mitering.