About SSP

The Subversive Rider

Burnsey has been living under the radar since he learned to climb rocks, over twenty years ago. For thirteen of those twenty years, between his gigs as an NPS search and rescue civil servant, a climbing guide, a published author, an ice-climbing instructor, an architect, a tattoo artist…. I have had the sweet fortune of being taken along for the ride. I admire his inability to conform to “normal” standards of living, while carrying a full time job and a full time riding schedule. One of his greatest qualities is his enthusiasm or drive for biking, or any sport or passion he takes on. He never wanes from a challenge, and is often known as “the motivator,” by building bike courses in our back yard for days when the trails are just too crummy to ride on. With each love of his life, whether it be climbing, biking, family, art, or carpentry, he reveals a stronger sense of balance and an enlightened volition to move forward. His quirky approach to the “rules” of biking (i.e. the garb you people wear to “enhance performance”) is a humorous reminder for all bikers to release themselves from the sickening disease of taking oneself too seriously. Riding with Sean is an act of grace, reminding us all to take the time to enjoy the view from the saddle.

-Kelly Burns , The Subversive Writer