Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Ride With Friends...

MaxiThad and I are headed to the great Southwest to conquer and divide all that is Single Speed Arizona 2014. We've been looking forward to this event for many moons, psyched to ride and unite with all the flavor that makes the single speed world so flipping bad-ass - compared to, well...anything. I hope to see at least *1,269 of you phuggers there, for a gathering of the brotherhood is not to be missed. We will be flying both the Oddity and REEB Cycles flags. Look us up and enjoy many a fine adult beverage care of Oscar Blues. Desert sunshine here we come...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fat and Sassy...

Rode bikes in the snow again last night. This time after getting 6" of fresh pow in the high country. Not optimal conditions but a good trial for the new set-up; I replaced the Surly Knards with Nates on the Fat Pearl, and that for one has made a helluva difference with traction. Also swapped out the big sweep bar for a mountain riser, and the leverage and power transfer is ten-fold (and mandatory for riding one-gear). I have to say that up until last night I was absolutely hating even the thought of riding fat bikes. I'm a changed man. Last night was one helluva great time! Thanks to the Redstone/REEB/Oscar Blues/TNR/Oddity crew for making it happen. There's no motto like"If it's Tuesday, were riding" to keep a smile on your face.


A great day for riding bikes, a not-so-great day for riding snow bikes. The groomed course in Como, CO. for the State Fat Bike Championship had succumbed to the warm temperatures and turned into a hike-a-bike marathon. Over half the racers DNF'd, including yours truly. Taking over an hour to do a (4) mile lap is plain retarded. It was booze and fishing stories for me (and talk of heading to lower elevation for some DIRT). 

It was good to see my old Kansas riding pal Cameron, meet a few new faces and chill in the mountains. A day riding bikes is never a bad day.

Friday, January 24, 2014

High Country Racing...

I'll be there. Lemme know if you need a ride down from the Northern Front Range. Cheers!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Indian Summer...

I do not regret moving to Colorado.  My soul has known, always, that these mountains are home. I'm stoked to be here, truly stoked.

Last minute, as this is standard Pirate form, I made a lame attempt on the 'book of face', to coordinate an EPCC (Estes Park Cyclist Coalition) MLK group ride. My efforts failed, and therefor I had only two takers; Jeremy and Mark. This was not a bad thing at all, as these two fellas are good friends and are always psyched to ride. The bonus is that they both know how to ride. This would allow for a really great time in the saddle riding some hard terrain and a getting in more mileage - all pretty much off-the-couch for me, as I am still recovering from my multiple ligament tears in my right foot. But, you just gotta ride, right? I know I do.

The three of us made the thirty minute drive down Big Thomson Canyon to hit-up one of the few dry trails around - Devils Backbone. This piece of singletrack starts just off Highway 34 hwy at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and heads North all the way to Fort Collins. There are various options along the way to ride alternate loops of varying difficulties. We always choose the most difficult option , as you don't learn shit from taking the easy way. Always try harder, go for it and do the harder route. If you fail, try again. You can only get better (or really hurt). Knowing when to hike your bike is key, and knowing when to let-it-all-out and give everything you have is gold.

We rode North from Devils Backbone to Blue Sky, then just before Coyote Ridge, we headed West and did the Indian Summer loop. Once finished with Indian Summer we headed back South the way we came, with one deviation on Laughing Horse. Rocky and technical terrain kept huge smiles on our faces. Rock and snow, dirt and a few patches of mud kept us focused and totally psyched at the varied terrain and warm sunshine. Did I mention is was super freaking awesome out? It felt like summer. You know the sun shines like 360 days a year here. Winters are mild and 30 degrees feels warm.

The views here in the Front range are impeccable. Serious beauty surrounds, and the air is as crisp as biting into an apple on a warm summer day.

I love to ride bikes. It's very freeing. I find my truest self when I ride. It's a  meditation and escape from the responsibilities I've created as an adult, a father, a husband, a small business owner and a motivator. 

Writing this entry makes me miss my old crew in KC. MaxiThad, WhiteMike, The Manimal, Handleballs, The Silent Killer, Beej, Pyro, G-Wiz, The Trail Asshole, Wilson, JaiLBayt, Coletrain, Speeding Jesus, Farmer, Shoffy - I can only hope to find such great friends here in the mountains. Don't worry, there are a few worthy here that I have befriended already. They just don;t know me like you do, as you are and will continue to be a tough crew to replace. Doubt it will ever happen, but I am hopeful that in these hills I will find something close - a handfull of fellas super stoked to ride, to hang, to chill - to entwine the cycling lifestyle into their everyday. Thanks for all the fucking great times! Here's tipping a glass to many more of the 'good ol' days'.

Friday, January 10, 2014

2013, A Wrap...

Holidays, what a helluva weird and crappy holiday season I've had. Not due to family or festivities, but rather health. I was sick as a dog and I got injured. Bummer, but things are looking up and I'm on the mend. Feeling like ass and having several torn ligaments in my foot/ankle have not stopped me from trying to ride. I might be slow, but there's no phugging way I'm not going to at least show-up. 
No real details to enlighten your day at this time. I'm flipping busy as a rabbit-with-two-peters. Rather, here are a few images from the past few weeks which have consisted of mostly fat bikies, hiking, and beer. Cheers!