Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dream Big Dreams...

I recently paid a visit to the home of Grin Cycles, brainchild of  local cyclist/wrench Joel Dyke.
 Good times like this always up the level of stoke. Thanks to Joel for the good words and feeding my mind with all things framebuilding.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Do you remember 'The Photo Contest'?
The contest boiled down to two images, Mine and KuatJim's. It was a fight to the finish, to say the least. I did not know him, never met him. However, through social media outlets, we started shooting friendly notes back and forth during our heated photo contest battle that rang true of nothing but coolness and fun. This KuatJim character seemed to be a real class-act.

We kept in touch, knowing that we'd eventually meet at the Dirty Kanza and be able to tip a glass to good times had in cyberville. This indeed was the case, as we were able to visit and shake hands at said gravel event. He was even so kind as to purchase one of the Taddihogg Cycling Hats that I had been trusted in pawning, which helped pay the tab on my many beer purchases of the evening. Here's a sweet image of the man himself - our 2013 Taddihogg gravel grinding poster boy. 

KuatJim rides bikes. He even writes about riding bikes. You should click HERE and read about his experience racing the Dirty Kanza. Good stuff to get you psyched, really.

Riding bikes is fun, but meeting cool folks and making new friends just steps it up a few notches. It was a pleasure to meet you friend. Cheers!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I'm pleased to announce, that in my absence, the P-Ride crew is sailing onward towards full glory; retaining the fine art of trying every obstacle in their path. Thanks to WhiteMike, we have photo/video evidence of Cuntwats failed attempt at stardom - riding the Highline Skinny while not staying rubber-side-down. All I can do is laugh, knowing that had he been using only one hand, things might have turned out differently...
1. A person who is known to be a treacherous lying son-of-a-bitch, and usually smells bad. 
2. A term of endearment used by pirates. 

Into the Wind...

It seems as though the New York Times had a crew on site for the Dirty Kanza 200
Below is a screenshot of  a video they made of the race, with yours truly pulling team Ethos/8-Lumens (we're the first riders you'll see in the video). Video link is HERE. Three-seconds of fame folks, get in line for autographs...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Insult to Injury...

I'm out for a while, off the bike. I injured myself recently and it seems that a little R&R is not going to make it better. I'll keep everyone posted as I know more. 

Until that time I will be doing some research on other cycling related ventures, and when i return form the depths of despair, I will have an enlightened point of view, will be back on the bike and digging myself deep into the heart of our culture.

I'll still be posting sweet nothings for your viewing displeasure, I promise. I cannot escape the lair fully, nor the crew and the shenanigans that are singlespeedpirate. 

Drink a few and ride some dirt in my stead. Cheers!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Prairie Fire...

The Dirty Kanza 200
in photos...
(click to enlarge, use your arrows to flip thru)