Pirate Ride

The Pirate has abandoned KC and made port in the Rocky Mountains. We don't know when, or if there will be any more Pirate Rides. Something IS bound to happen, so keep checking back folks!!!

We do however frquent the following festivites: 
-TNR (Tuesday Night Ride) with the Redstone Cyclery crew in Lyons, Colorado
-Thursday Night Lights here in Fort Collins, CO. with Moonmen
If you're interested, find both on facebook.

We are stepping-up the P-Ride. This ride originated as a Winter training ride. Plan for a long, sustained ride (2-3 hours). Minimal stops, no lollygagging and pace is going to be moderate/fast. THIS IS YOUR WARNING. If you don't think you can hang, you're right.

Fuck the Police.

Whats this Weekly Pirate Ride crap all about? Let me tell you. We meet at the Pirates Lair, U.N.O. (email for directions) and roll-out at the above stated time/place for 1-2 hours of trail riding. The pace is determined by the group that shows-up to ride. Difficulty varies from technically difficult to bushwhacking nightmare. This is NOT a beginner ride, not really an intermediate ride either; rather a fun yet technically demanding ride where everyone is expected to keep up and be open minded on what we roll over. 

COME PREPARED - Listen close Turd Nibbler; This means show up with a functional bike, working light w/fully charged battery, tools and spare tubes - YOU need to be able to quickly fix your bike if it breaks or you flat. It only takes one jackass to ruin the experience for everyone else. We retain the right to refuse to be your crutch (and you'll be left alone in the dark to fend for yourself. Yes, were jerks like that) 

Tread will vary from established mountain bike trails to vague lines through grassy fields, pavement, gravel, rock and who knows what other b.s. we might ride. Post ride we usually sit around the campfire, rehydrate and talk shit on hookers & circus midgets. BYOB.

WARNING!!! DO NOT come to this ride if you are a pussy, if you are offended by rule-breaking or shenanigans. YOU have been warned!

Info: singlespeedpirate@gmail.com

With all of the technical jargon out of the way...LETS RIDE!