Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Random Musings...

Every Tuesday that I can, I ride the TNR with the Redstone crew. Every week I get my a$$ handed to me. This is why I still ride with these fuckers - you can't learn shit or get better at anything unless you're getting worked like a minimum wage job. Love these guys, love this ride. I'm sore as phuk today.

I'm still trying to find the time to show off NAHBS photos and talk about that crap. Not happening today.

I did however build this chicken coop.
I could have been posting photos and stories that you really care about...but I like chickens.

What else...

Oh yeah - Moving the Oddity Cycles shop to Fort Collins, Colorado over the next few weeks. Going to be sharing space with Black Sheep Bikes. Yeah, THE Black Sheep - As in 'Bad A$$ Titanium Frames, Forks, Bars and Posts. Winning!

Also buying a house on Horsetooth Reservoir. Singletrack for miles right out of the backyard. Come ride bikes!

And here is my gravel rig for 2014 (at least until I have a minute to build my own frame). YOU should go and race/ride The Cedar Cross. Good stuff. Really good.
That is all I've got for now. Peace.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Singlespeed Worlds...

Biggest party on the planet with a bunch of like-minded, crazy mofos. Be there!
Get the dirt here - Singlespeed World Championships
I'll be posting a bunch of yummy photos and info from NAHBS in the next few days. 
Check back soon amigos!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Leaving for NAHBS tonight. Packing, planning, making arrangements. It's been one helluva busy week helping out at the shop, but things are looking up and bikes are rolling out the door. Super stoked to be headed off to Charlotte, NC to hang with so many awesome folks who build bikes. If you are planning to be at the show, look me up at the Black Sheep Booth # 810. I'll be the handsome fella swilling booze...
James melting Ti...

#NAHBS Show Bike - All Mountain 29er

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


A little eye candy from the shop today.
Headbadge by Jen Green


This is going to be a good time. 

Balls Deep...

We headed out to Peaceful Valley, our standard fatbike local for some snow riding. Snowpack at PV is close to 4' deep in spots - at least the spots I tend to fall off my bike, and end up balls deep in pow. Staying on the packed-in tread is flippin' hard. 
We had a huge TNR crew, the trail conditions were less than optimal but totally doable if you had the gumption to kick ass. These rides are incredible fun and rewarding. Oscar Blues always hooks us up with beer, we ride bikes, and then eat great food. Pretty stellar way to spend a Tuesday night. Photos by Yann Photo/Video.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mustache Ride...

It's a time of few words and new toys. Here we have the Mountain Mustache handlebar by Black Sheep Bikes. It's a cozy little riser-bar, TI weapon of mass-awesomeness. Wide, comfortable and sexy. Yep, good times here in the mountains.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Drinking the Kool-aid (trying out platforms).

Looking Forward...

Stoked to be headed out to NAHBS with Black Sheep Bikes, exactly one month from today. New things are in the works and The Pirate is on cloud-nine. I hope to see more than a few of you at the show. Cheers!

Monday, February 3, 2014

I Heart Milagrosa (A.K.A. Singlespeed Arizona 2014)

 What a helluva great weekend of riding bikes with a great crew of singlespeed riding fools. I know you really don't want to read about our adventure, so I'm keeping this one short and to the point. Check out the photos (click to enlarge) and make-up you're own story. SSAZ2014 was phugging awesome. Sorry for you if you missed out.

The Desert was a little bit warmer than Colorado at 8,500 feet where I reside. It was a nice change of temps for sure. I actually think my balls dropped for the first time in months.

And what is a road trip without rest stop, picnic table, camping style coffee made fresh by Paul.

The man, the myth, the legend; Dejay...

My view from Bourbon Grove.

We hiked with our bikes, a few times... like maybe *369 times. The entire course was uphill, both ways (well, all but Milagrosa)

There were at least *1,236 bikes in this U-Haul. Starting elevation, 6,000 plus feet. We climbed from here, then hiked up some retarded steep trail to get this party started, which felt similar to this..

Jake is so strong, that his belt exploded during our pre-race-day-ride. He is now a master of the adult strider.

Oscar Blues and REEB Cycles kept the whole event hydrated with fine beverages.

All racers got one of these sweet patches, which work out great as replacements for ugly peoples faces in photos. 

Paul shredding one of many loose Arizona descents.

Nothing like a long climb up a granite slab with awesome views.

More Hiking. This is the initial hike-a-bike after climbing up three miles of pave' at the start of the race.

Sweet, sweet relief just a few miles from the finish.

MaxiThad wondering why the hell he stayed up all night for two nights straight binge drinking before the race.

And more of crash.

Todd chillin during the pre-ride festivities.

Hold your wheel up high! Ready, set, GO!!!

Unofficially the official Results...