Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shop Porn...

Take a tour of the Oddity Cycles shop. 
Enjoy a little man-cave eye-candy.

Freakish Friday...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Random Tuesday...

Random Tuesday "at the shop" images...

Monday, May 5, 2014

Headache Bar...

Just another day at the office. Here I'm trying out one of Black Sheep's frame fixtures to build a  replacement bike for a fellow that forgot his Taiwan-made frame was atop his car when he pulled into the garage (seen in the background). Stoked to be cranking out something a little more burly for his future rides. So far this frame fixture seems pretty solid and easy to use. Planning to get the rest of this beauty mitered, tacked and out of the jig tomorrow. The queue is growing ever-so-quickly. #odditycycles

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Aprils' Toast...

First things first. Redstones' TNR made Dirt Rag. Yeah, this is real mountain biking, in the mountains. No girly-man crap on these rides. Pure a$$ kicking good times.

This week, we headed up into the high country to ride what would be described as 'hike-a-bike" and 'impossible climbs'. Hell, after the floods of 2013 there are almost no ride-able climbs - but we still try. Great crew and a great 3+ hours of hazards. Love TNR's!

And here are a few shots by Yann. Yann is an animal, a good friend and an amazing rider. He does the TNR nearly every week. He brings his camera. He sprints by everyone on the ride, stops, takes photos, then repeats. He rolls 32x19 SS and kills it. THANKS for all of the amazing photos each week Yann. You rock.

This thing was steep.

This weeks crew.

When the snow melts.

Long a$$ climbs.


Intense brand frames...named that for a reason.

Our fearless leader and his girl Bella, dropping some sickness.

If at first you succeed, don't try again. Chad going for the gap-to-slab jump/descent - try #2 after a successful first go.