Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturday Night Lights...

And Racing... The insanely fun way, in the DARK!


I also hear word of a skid competiton... with prizes. Be There!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Now those are some funny looking trees...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I gave away my prize Phil Wood rear flip-flop hub to a friend as a graduation/b-day gift. I am really wishing I had kept it now, since I currently do NOT have a fixed gear mountain bike in my stable. There is something about a fixie and winter that mix well; like the ingredients of an Irish Car Bomb. Delicious and unmatched.
So I was paroosing the interweb searching for ideas when "WHAM"!!! I remembered the Tomicog. What a novel yet basic idea on how to enable the average Joe to run any 5 bolt disc hub as a fixed gear. My fingers did the walking as I instantly ordered an eighteen. I'll be like a kid on Christmas morning for the next week awaiting it's arrival!

Let's see...$30 Tomicog OR $200+ for a new rear wheel? TOMICOG! Just think of all the beer I can buy with the money I saved.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fall Down, Build Up...

As I waddle around my casa feeling trapped and helpless ,I've motivated just long enough to get my Trek Sawyer Steel SS built-up and ready to ride -  even though I can't ride at the moment. I have that depressing feeling that one gets not unlike getting scuba gear on Christmas morning. I now have two newly built bikes and am gimped-up and cannot ride them. Total flippin' cock tease. I'm dying over here.
So I bought this frame because I love the lines, not because I like Trek (I really hate Trek). That and I had this sweet Niner Carbon fork that needed a home, which looks dead sexy on this frame. Rolling out the rest of the build I've got White Industries ENO cranks and Freewheel (32x18), White Industries hubs laced to Bontrager Duster rims, set-up tubeless with Specialized rubber. Running Ritchey Carbon Pro Rizers at the cockpit with Avid Juicy Sevens for stopping, Thomson Stem and Post, Salsa clamp, King Headset and my well worn-in WTB Silverado saddle. Had I been riding this beast on Friday I might still be in the game. Squishy forks get the best of me at times, OTB all the way. This stiffy might have saved my ass...
All in all I just felt the need to get back to the SS roots; Rigid and basic. Once I'm back at it, this is gonna be my daily driver. At least that's the plan today.

Tech'd Off...

It was a great day to get out and sample some dirt on the new Air 9. The Manimal, Possun and Brad had just completed a few hours trail work on the Gunbarrel section at Landahl so I headed out to met them and sample the new trail. This would be the first ride on the Air 9, and I was super psyched.
I dropped into the Barrel Hub and onto Rim Job. As I headed in I was trying to figure out the suspension set-up (Reba XX) and get used to things. My front end was a bit softer than I like, but I went with it anyway. My brake levers have a bit less throw and the bike was a bit less weight. So far so good.
Once I found the crew it was game on. We spun around on various trails and took advantage of most techie obstacles enroute. Landahl is home to some hella-fun rock gardens that require great skill to ride clean. I can't say that I rode anything clean today, but I did have a super fun time. The Manimal was busting tricky rock drops and climbs on his fixie like it was butter.
At some point, make that many points, I crashed. Some stupid, some legit, but the last wreck I had caused me to go OTB and slam my left knee into a limestone slab so hard I almost threw-up. Of course I thought I was fine and told the fellas I'd catch up and to ride on. After a few minutes of catching my breath, I had to re align my bars, stem and one brake lever. Then I tried to mount my stead...to no avail. I could not pedal. My knee was toast. At this point I just started to hike out. I was pissed.
Minutes later the crew found me and we all rolled out together, me doing the one legged pedal. We still got in a good ride, too bad It was cut short by yours truly.
Did I mention The Manimal cracked his frame? Second one in six months...the MASHER!
Long story short, I'm on the couch for at least a few weeks with a bum knee, bummer! I hope the rest of you can make up for my lack of riding by riding a little extra in my absence. Cheers!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frigid and Rigid...

When it rains it pours and it's been raining bike frames and parts at the Pirates Lair as of late. It was only a few days ago that I finished my Air 9 Carbon SS Build. Today I started building up a Niner RIP 9 full suspension as a Single Speed but half way thru the build I wasn't feeling the love. I hung [that] bike on the rack and instead starting building this; a 2011 Trek Sawyer. Steel, Classic lines and an old school look had me at Hello. Yeah, shes a tank, but I'm used to that. I just want to see what I can do to make this beauty sail. This my friend is going to be a sexy machine. More to come...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get Psyched...

On my Top 5 Local Favorite Race List. This will be my 4th year doing this race and I'm so looking forward to it!


I'd like to give a shout-out to the fellas at BikeSource for helping me get this build ironed-out...finally. It's been a few too many weeks of ordering little parts and getting this beauty dialed-in just how I want her. Billy worked his magic on my wheel set which needed some major help after the brutal beatings I pose on them. Farmer put up with me lallygagging around the shop and allowed me some space out of the cold to build her up. The Trail Asshole helped me figure out what it was in fact that I needed to transform the rig from (choke) geared to SS. Thanks Fellas, I do really appreciate your time and knowledge.
Now lets go ride, this bitch needs to taste some dirt.

Monday, January 16, 2012


If I could finagle just thirty minutes out of my intense training schedule I'd have a complete bike to ride. It's just so hard between all of the babes at the gym, hookers and cocaine to make the time, seriously.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dirt Church Tithe...

Per a little bit of motivation by The Manimal and his new outlook on our selfish ways, I started my payout of Ride time vs. Trail Building time today at SMP. There was a huge crew of folks bench cutting the hell outta that place, and what was created is pure awesomeness.
The Red trail at SMP is just getting better, longer, harder and just stellar. I'm psyched that I was able to give a little time back. I do ride these trails regularly since they are in my backyard. Makes sense to get out and build when family and time allow. It was a good day to be out (60 degrees and sunny in January!). No complaints. I'll sleep easy knowing that I have been less selfish...at least for today.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I took my chances and headed out to see what the KC Sprints are all about. Sounded like a good time at a great venue, Buzzard Beach. The basic idea is to sprint for 500 meters on a fixie set-up on rollers (with the front fork mount). You pedal like a maniac trying to beat the guy that you are literally head-to-head with. I have been doing zero training and am an endurance guy. The sprint game is outta my league. I figured I'd show my mug and support the local event, even though Z was a no-show at The Darkness. I know that doors swing both ways...but I'm better than that.
As I mounted up the blue steed, Jones whispered to me "if you beat this guy I'll buy ya a shot". Well, that must mean something. As it goes the fella I was racing has been around the cycling scene for some time and is hard to beat. It was a close race, but I was destroyed.
So it goes. I was done and settled into one more Pale Ale as I watch some sweet racing by a handful of hipsters and various amazon women. Good times. I'll be back for sure.

Use The Bucket...

Tonight, Get some...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tough Guy...

It's THAT time of year again. Be there.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yard Sale...

SRAM XO shifters - 2x10 set, excellent condition
SRAM XO Rear Derrailleur, black, long cage, excellent condition, for 2x10
SRAM XO Front Derailleur, high clamp, 34.9 for dual pull 2x10, excellent condition
Stans ZTR Crest 29er Wheelset, Like New with rim tape and valve stems, UST (retail is $530)
Continnental Race King 29x2.2 tubeless tires, like new
$30 each
Ergon GS1 grips, like new, black, lock on
Fizik Gobi saddle, like new, black
Reba XX 29er Suspension fork w/remote hydrolic lock out, Niner orange, 100mm, tapered
Truvativ X9 cranks, p30, 2x, black with rings
Kona Unit 2011 frame -size Large, white/black, near mint conditon, Single Speed, Disc only steel frame
White Brothers Rock Solid Carbon 29er fork, excellent condition
Groovy Cycles Luv Handle, black (big sweep custom bar)
Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brakes, set, grey, used, calipers, pads and hardware, pair
Thomson Elite 27.2 x 410 seatpost,, black
Thomson Elite 27.2 x 310ish seatpost, black
Gunnar Ruffian custom steel singlespeed frame, 18"+/-, disc or canti, for 26" wheels, needs paint but otherwise awesome frame
Surly 1x1 steel fork, like new, newer model, disc or canti, black
Hope 1 1/8" headset, topcap and race, anno blue
Sette Carbon riser bar, excellent conditon
Wheel - Mavic/Surly - Surly flip-flop hub laced to mavic rim brake rim, built by Dale, black, well used, 26"
Mavic Crossmark 26x2.2 LUST tire, like new
Race Face Duex stem, excellent condition, 110 x 12 rise??? for 31.8 bar
Salsa Clamp, anno blue (for 27.2 post on steel frame??)
Specialized Stem with adjustible shims (very nice) 1 1/8", 31.8 bar, 110 x adjust rise, like new
White Brothers ENO single speed cranks, black- with Home Brewed Industries Titanium chainring, 32t
Bontrager 26" front disc, tubeless ready race lite wheel, great condition, black
WTB Rocket V team saddle with Ti rails, well used but broken in like a brooks!
34.9 flip lock style seat clamp, black
Ergon GA1 Enduro Lock-on Grips, team Green, Like New
DT Swiss XR 4.20 Rims, good shape, 26", 32 hole
$20 pair
Specialized The Captain 2.2 Armadillo tires (pair), well used
Surley Tugnut, new
Salsa Flip Lock Skewer, REAR. Black SOLD and Blue $10 (signs of wear)
On One Mary Bar, Silver $25
Schwalbe Big Apple 700c x 2.35 (29er) tires,
Planet Bike 700c Fenders, NEW. includes mounting hardware (strap style, no frame eyelets required).
$20 pair
Blackburn Mtn Rack, black, used
Topeak Kid Seat (mounts to included rear mount rack)
Specialized 90's saddle, basic, FREE
Drop Bars cut down to bull horn style, FREE
Maxxis Crossmark 26x2.0 LUST, way used, FREE
Real brand cnc'd old school canti brake levers, silver/annodized blue, AWESOME, $50
Performance brand Tights, black with red reinforced knees, medium $5
Subaru Team Bibs, race cut med, black/blue $10
Cowtown Team Bibs, Med, New $40
Cowtown Team Winter Jacket, Large, good condition, $40
Race Face Evolve XC 30.9 post, New $20

Email me if you want any of these fine goods...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012