Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tech'd Off...

It was a great day to get out and sample some dirt on the new Air 9. The Manimal, Possun and Brad had just completed a few hours trail work on the Gunbarrel section at Landahl so I headed out to met them and sample the new trail. This would be the first ride on the Air 9, and I was super psyched.
I dropped into the Barrel Hub and onto Rim Job. As I headed in I was trying to figure out the suspension set-up (Reba XX) and get used to things. My front end was a bit softer than I like, but I went with it anyway. My brake levers have a bit less throw and the bike was a bit less weight. So far so good.
Once I found the crew it was game on. We spun around on various trails and took advantage of most techie obstacles enroute. Landahl is home to some hella-fun rock gardens that require great skill to ride clean. I can't say that I rode anything clean today, but I did have a super fun time. The Manimal was busting tricky rock drops and climbs on his fixie like it was butter.
At some point, make that many points, I crashed. Some stupid, some legit, but the last wreck I had caused me to go OTB and slam my left knee into a limestone slab so hard I almost threw-up. Of course I thought I was fine and told the fellas I'd catch up and to ride on. After a few minutes of catching my breath, I had to re align my bars, stem and one brake lever. Then I tried to mount my no avail. I could not pedal. My knee was toast. At this point I just started to hike out. I was pissed.
Minutes later the crew found me and we all rolled out together, me doing the one legged pedal. We still got in a good ride, too bad It was cut short by yours truly.
Did I mention The Manimal cracked his frame? Second one in six months...the MASHER!
Long story short, I'm on the couch for at least a few weeks with a bum knee, bummer! I hope the rest of you can make up for my lack of riding by riding a little extra in my absence. Cheers!

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