Saturday, January 14, 2012


I took my chances and headed out to see what the KC Sprints are all about. Sounded like a good time at a great venue, Buzzard Beach. The basic idea is to sprint for 500 meters on a fixie set-up on rollers (with the front fork mount). You pedal like a maniac trying to beat the guy that you are literally head-to-head with. I have been doing zero training and am an endurance guy. The sprint game is outta my league. I figured I'd show my mug and support the local event, even though Z was a no-show at The Darkness. I know that doors swing both ways...but I'm better than that.
As I mounted up the blue steed, Jones whispered to me "if you beat this guy I'll buy ya a shot". Well, that must mean something. As it goes the fella I was racing has been around the cycling scene for some time and is hard to beat. It was a close race, but I was destroyed.
So it goes. I was done and settled into one more Pale Ale as I watch some sweet racing by a handful of hipsters and various amazon women. Good times. I'll be back for sure.

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Possum said...

It's no embarrasment to be beaten by Mr. Shope. Old Shopey rides his fair share, and is no pushover.