Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Man, is it freakin cold as a mo-fo outside or what? I think it read 5 degrees this morning and the coffee I had high hopes of warming me, was itself cold before I could even get a third a cup in-my-belly. It's the kind of cold where nothing melts. There's snow and ice everywhere. It's just damn-bitter cold!
Fortunately for Andre and I, we made it to BURP just in time, before things got bad...and here's Andre coming down one of the rock gardens on the Wagon trail during our adventure.

So that was a fun ride...

Fast forward a few days post BURP and a few hours pre-snow; Cameron, Garet and I headed out from my casa for the farm-trail-delight night ride. We were frozen for only about ten minutes, then warmed up enough to do around 12 miles of single track goodness. Cam and I were riding fixie's and Garet his SS stumpy. The really pimp thing about rides from my house at night and in the freezing cold, is the hot tub post ride...and beers of course.

Now I need to get out and tear it up in the snow, the bitter, bone chilling-teeth-chattering snow.