Monday, December 30, 2013


Holy icicles Batman! Last nights impromptu Pirate ride in 9 degree temps was nothing but good times. The crew, consisting of The Silent Killer, Pyro, The Manimal, LittleBoyBlue, FlashGordon, Beej, Coletrain and Captain Jack - headed out into the wilderness; also known as BuRP, for some sketchy-conditions and a good ride. Aside from yours truely, these fellas are more/less the fastest dudes in the area. There were at least 567* spots where the trail was filled with ice, like the photo above, which lead many a sailor to an early demise this fine evening. Not that it stopped any of us from enjoying the ride - other than maybe Beej, with whom I traded the position of caboose with the entire evening. 
We rode Wagon Wheel, full of technical delights. We rode Highline three times, also a technical dreamland. We rode bikes period. It was fun and I was super psyched the crew rallied to come out on such a bitterly cold evening. Thanks fellas. As for WhiteMike, Gwiz, Jailbait and Handleballs - WTF bitches? Shake that sand out of your vag and come ride with me while I'm in KC!!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

5-Night Haunting...

If I could only put the last weeks worth or riding and drinking into words, I'd do it here, on this screen. Unfortunately, words will do this weeks experience no justice, as the goings-on were a bit over-the-top in every aspect. The one-and-only Captain Cuntwat was in town for several days of misadventure and tomfoolery, to which he is well known. We rode bikes and drank good beer, period. We both also received numerous injuries; mostly to our alter-egos. However, I did shred at least 69* ligaments in my right foot prompting a 3:00 a.m. visit to the ER and Bonerghost bruised the hell out of his moob with the end of his handlebar, nearly reminiscent of the experience to which Handleballs got his name.
I can only further summarize our week via the following photos and brief commentary. Word.
Princess Bonerghost atop the Devils Backbone, Loveland Colorado.
Oddity Cycles 'Orange Crush" 29+. The most bad ass bicycle this side of anywhere.
It's legal in Colorado...
"Made in Colorado" frame decals have finally arrived!
Post foot annihilation ride at Devils Backboner. 
Black Sheep Cycles crew Todd, Ryan and Paulie riding in 14 degree temps with jeans and flat pedals - singlespeed of course.
Beer in barrels. 
We visited several local breweries, favorites = Equinox and Funkwerks.
The Cave...
Step-ups on the return ride from Blue Sky.
Words not required...
MaxiThad doing what he does best. Make that second best, or third. Whatever, he's riding bikes and and taking the 'best' option. Standard issue folks, standard..
Boner Claus after delivering toys to the strip-club (or was it after 2 hours of riding in 14 degree temps at night up some steep-ass mountain ascents?) Who really knows. What we do know, or have been lead to believe, is that he's shaved the beastly rodent from his face, and now vaguely resembles a thirteen year old girl.

Who will be the next guest at the Pirates lair? Get out here you Kansas City Bitches!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Eight Thousand Feet...

MaxiThad's in the mountains for a visit. Mucho riding was the plan, until I got hammered with a last minute project at work. Yeah, we're still riding, but not as much as planned - we were shooting for multiple rides per day, all week.
Last night however, we joined the TNR crew and headed up to Sourdough - way up at 8,300 ft. 
It was fatbike heaven. Conditions were harsh. I crashed my brains out and am 6-8 weeks healing some torn ligaments in my foot. Beer was flowing. All was good, minus the crash. Per standard Pirate form; 'I got myself into the woods, I'd get myself out'. 
Today I'm wishing I had Vicodin. Lots of Vicodin.
MaxiThad raged on his SS Pugs. Solid ride with a solid crew. Shooting for an all-day adventure in Ft. Collins for Thursday. Black Sheep, New Belgium. Go.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Oddly Enough...

Aside from family and riding, I've been busy building tools for building bikes. Living the life!!!

EPCC Ride #1...

Good times here in Estes Park. Yesterday was the first weekly Estes Park Cyclist Coalition (EPCC) mountain bike ride. A crew of us locals started the coalition to advocate for all cyclists here in our town, to open new trail, maintain existing and be the voice for cyclist through communication with landowners and land managers. We are pretty psyched to kick off things with a group ride at our local trail, Crosier Mountain. Below are a few images from the ride for your viewing pleasure. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Four Inches of Fun...

Cold as phukk, brutal snow conditions and more hike-a-bike training made for another typical sufferfest that is the TNR.  We hit the Peaceful Valley trails followed up with Dales Pale Ale and grub from Oscar Blues in Lyons. Another great time riding The Fat Pearl in way to tall a gear for this terrain. The riding here is hard, but if it was easy, I wouldn't be learning a damn thing. The weather's here, wish you were beautiful. 

Thanks to Yann for the sweet photos, as usual.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Global Warmings...

I did four laps around my yard for Global Fat Bike Day in sub-zero temps; 
no gloves or helmet and in my house slippers. 
I hope that counts.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Blow me down...

Crazy wind today, crazy. Crushed me. Huge gusts, long climbs. My legs got worked, my ears hurt from the wind. Gearing was way too tall - I've yet to change that yet (still) from Kansas riding. Maybe never will. Only makes you stronger, right? These are the tribulations that make memories. The forecast calls for up to 20" of snow over the next few days. So psyched we motivated. 
 - Antelope entrance to Hall Ranch exit - Lyons, Co.