Monday, December 30, 2013


Holy icicles Batman! Last nights impromptu Pirate ride in 9 degree temps was nothing but good times. The crew, consisting of The Silent Killer, Pyro, The Manimal, LittleBoyBlue, FlashGordon, Beej, Coletrain and Captain Jack - headed out into the wilderness; also known as BuRP, for some sketchy-conditions and a good ride. Aside from yours truely, these fellas are more/less the fastest dudes in the area. There were at least 567* spots where the trail was filled with ice, like the photo above, which lead many a sailor to an early demise this fine evening. Not that it stopped any of us from enjoying the ride - other than maybe Beej, with whom I traded the position of caboose with the entire evening. 
We rode Wagon Wheel, full of technical delights. We rode Highline three times, also a technical dreamland. We rode bikes period. It was fun and I was super psyched the crew rallied to come out on such a bitterly cold evening. Thanks fellas. As for WhiteMike, Gwiz, Jailbait and Handleballs - WTF bitches? Shake that sand out of your vag and come ride with me while I'm in KC!!!

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