Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Eight Thousand Feet...

MaxiThad's in the mountains for a visit. Mucho riding was the plan, until I got hammered with a last minute project at work. Yeah, we're still riding, but not as much as planned - we were shooting for multiple rides per day, all week.
Last night however, we joined the TNR crew and headed up to Sourdough - way up at 8,300 ft. 
It was fatbike heaven. Conditions were harsh. I crashed my brains out and am 6-8 weeks healing some torn ligaments in my foot. Beer was flowing. All was good, minus the crash. Per standard Pirate form; 'I got myself into the woods, I'd get myself out'. 
Today I'm wishing I had Vicodin. Lots of Vicodin.
MaxiThad raged on his SS Pugs. Solid ride with a solid crew. Shooting for an all-day adventure in Ft. Collins for Thursday. Black Sheep, New Belgium. Go.


Anonymous said...

It was great to ride/ drink with you and Thad. Socked in like a mutha! Take care of that injury. Let's ride again soon.

Anonymous said...

Socked in like a mutha at the Horsetoof! It was great to ride with you and Thad. Heal that injury and let's ride soon. You've only ridden a smidge of what the Fort has to offer.