Monday, August 12, 2013

Lone Ranger...

August was a flippin' whirlwind of pure craziness. My mind is still spinning, spinning, spinning. I was in Colorado for vacation with my family the first two weeks, then back for a week while my wife was interviewing for two jobs and I was getting the house ready to go on the market. Then the last two weeks I was in New York learning how to build Bike frames. Now I'm back in KC again working, pacing, trying to ride and maintain some kind of sanity while my family is already relocated to a friends house in the mountains. Like I said, a flippin' whirlwind.

With that being said, We did have a little going away party. Hung with Sherman of 29nSNGL (and Niner) who gave me the scoop on next weekends SSUSA. I also got to put in a few miles with G-wiz at SMP on what was THE best dirt conditions EVER. So good that G-wiz was stoked about how he'd "never gone so fast down that section". That was until he yard-sailed the crap outta himself and his bike.

If you don't crash, you're not mountain biking.
8-Lumens in the house party people

Niner Demo @ SMP

Twisted bar, shifter/brake lever and saddle - post yard sale, care of G-wiz

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