Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Vertical World...

No ride for me this weekend. Instead I went back to my roots and had a stellar half day of rock climbing at the best crag in the world with my bro Jeremy. My outside thermometer read 15 degrees when I left my house in the morning and I was keeping fingers crossed that we would not freeze our balls off and the crag. Our destination was a little place we refer to as Warsaw, on Truman Lake; a limestone bluff overlooking the lake that ranges in height from 60-90 feet.
Jer leading Batstroke
We arrived, hiked in and found it to be quite pleasant at the base of the bluff. The rock faces south and with the sun reflecting off the water, it felt like it was in the low 40's (but in reality it was like 18).
The View
We had a blast, Jeremy took the sharp end since I have been on the couch for way too long. We did four different climbs and I enjoyed the heck outta my day. Thanks Jer!

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