Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Smack Down...

Mug Shot
Yes, Slaughter Pen Hollow happened. I had just enough daylight after a days work in Fayetteville to check out the place. I could not believe how close to the highway these trails are (maybe too close) or I'd have hit them many months ago. Anyone traveling 71 hwy through the N.W. corner of Arkansassy best make a pit stop, and have some fun.

Did I mention 44 degrees, sunny and NO F-ing SNOW!!!!! A welcome change from the arctic-like conditions we've had for weeks here in KC.
My SS and one of the many fine features built at the park

Birds eye view of SPH Phase 1 trails, and my ride via GPS
I had limited time, so I was only able to check out phase 1 of the trail system. Situated on a hillside above a pedestrian trail, the access was as easy as it gets. All trails were marked, and even some obstacles were labeled with 'caution' signs. Kinda weird, kinda nice...dunno. I first climbed up and left to ride all of  Medusa, which then dropped me onto the middle line called Tatamagouche, then back across a lower trail called Armadillos Last Stand, and finally back through the terrain park and onto Seed Tick Shuffle. The trails were perfect for Single Speed sending. There were also some well built ladder bridges and skinnies all over the park. I tried my first dab at video taping myself riding one of said ladder bridges, and was reminded that the first time you video tape yourself doing something like riding a bike, you are bound to do something dumb; I was no exception. I proceeded to crash in the most retarded way (showboating like G-Wiz would do). I'll go ahead and apologize for the 10 seconds of nothing mid-vid, but I don't have video editing software...yet.

29er's Maiden voyage
The guys at Phat Tire Bike Shop were awesome and gave me great trail and dinner beta. Pretty classy shop they have too. Check'em out next time you're in Bentonville.

The Shop...

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shores said...

Sweet! I cannot wait for warmer weather...Hope to atleast ride the road the next few days?