Monday, January 10, 2011

A Real Tool...

I'm going to apologize first to Marco, Tyler and Sean, as you are stand-up guys, but that manager fella at the Trek Store KC is a Tool. He has always rubbed me wrong and after my experience with his inability to provide quality customer service over the weekend, I will NEVER step foot in that shop again. I will spray about my negative experience to the ends of the earth, to all of my riding pals, "refrain from entering that shop". 

Dude, YOU are lame. Don't lie to my face, don't make excuses and please, let someone competent have your'd get more business.

Moving on... BikeSource seems to be the ONLY shop I can rely on here in Johnson County, period. I'll be paying you a visit today my friends!

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mrkauk said...

what happened dude? m.i.n. (more info needed)