Saturday, January 8, 2011

Four Years Later...

I've lived at my current local here in the KC area for 4 years now and I have finally dialed-in some sweet single track action to and from my driveway. I'm not talking some lame trail through the woods that the local kids use to get back and forth to a tree fort, I'm talking some fun trail in the woods, with the feeling of being out of the city. 

Wednesday I had the pleasure of riding with the Manimal and Pyro, checking out the above mentioned trails. I have to say that I did not have the loop entirely dialed-in because until yesterday, I had only been out to explore said loop in the dark. We had a great time and did about 14 miles in a two hour time span. Temps were great and we finished off the ride with a good a$$ kicking on the Ogg Hill.

Yesterday was my first ride in over a month that I did not have a light on my helmet. It was sooooooo nice to be able to check out the view and actually see the landscape of my ride. I was also able to get (what I will from now on out refer to as my 'Home Loop') totally dialed in. A great ride that is 96.5% single track from my driveway. I love this! Who wants to join me for a ride soon?

I was also able to do some work on the back yard skills trail, and that sucker is looking better than ever! I added a few sally lines to increase the flow for longer ride times. I think most folks could actually do a lap w/o dabbing now, maybe...

I've been using the Garmin on my latest rides and find it pretty freakin cool that I can see my ride in Google Maps. I'll start posting those soon. Fun stuff!

On the whole 29er thing...I think I am bailing again. It's either the Gunner Fixie or the 29er. One has to go, one I can keep. Any vote before I pull the plug?

And back to the Home Loop...I'll be sending out an invite to hit it up one evening this week. Stay tuned!

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