Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Strike Three...

There are (were) three mountain bike endurance races that I had my heart set on for 2011; I'm not getting into any of them. Bummer of a day, among other things, just a crap week.

1) Ouachita Challenge: Totally missed registration which filled up the first day.

2) Leadville trail 100: Not gonna happen. Conflicting dates with family.

3) Syllamo's Revenge: Missed registration by seconds...all 300 spots were filled in 7:45 minutes. Here is an email I got from regarding Syllamo's Revenge;

We noticed that you attempted to register for the Syllamo’s Revenge MTB Challenge after the registration had filled. This happened because you started the registration process before it closed and attempted to finish the registration process after it had closed. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, there is another Syllamo’s Revenge event taking place that is 125 km long and is currently still open. You can register for that here:
Furthermore, if you want to contact the promoter to see if there will be a wait list, you can do that here:
Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

-Evan Huff-
Customer Relation Specialist

So if I can come up with $125 bones I'd enter the 125k for sure...but that's a lot of dough, and with my luck registration will end with spots filled while I'm "in the process".

So it goes. Just one of those months I guess. So now what? Should I throw in the towel on racing this season and just joyride, climb rocks and focus on fitness. Maybe just curl up on the couch and drink myself into oblivion? I don't know...


Claudia Renee said...

Crap Burnsey! How the hell you sleeping in with two kiddo's? get on the waiting list.

dswilly said...

How the hell did you sleep in with two kiddo's?