Monday, January 31, 2011


My 3 year old son dubbed the term Mix-Match. This goes for just about anything that does not match, or is a combination of things. I think my bikes are all built with some kind of mix-match, parts-bin technique involved. Other examples of mix-match might be; two different colored sock's, mixing foods such as yogurt and broccoli during family dinner, two different shoes, etc. The list is endless.

Trail conditions are at a high-low (that's mix-match for the ultimate in suck-ass). All of our snow has been melting and the trails are a soupy mess. Even roads and paved trails are at a minimum wet; mostly stomped-out ice and piles of rotten snow. Riding right now is just a sucky, mix-match-of-a-mess.

O.K., now lets change momentum here and talk cup-half-full. I did get in a ride on both weekend days. I did ride my bike on the road, however I made sure I had fun, hit every 'feature' I could find and tried not to go fast...just fun. I took out the new 29er and got her dialed-in as far as fit and comfort. I actually like it. With a suspension fork I might actually make it my main trail steed; it's that good. The route I took around my hood was a good one with a crap-load of hills and good farm-land scenery. The big wheels really do keep on rolling and both rides were a blessing. On the Sunday ride was I was accompanied by my cuz, Brad. We had a good time in the sub-freezing temps, frozen faces and all...

Moving on, mix-matching away...enter Sunday dinner: This is a mix-match pepperoni/BBQ Chicken Pesto pizza, complete with a divider crust; homemade by my wife and son. Freakin' Kick-A$$!
Here is a little tech-tip for you. I have been thinking that I don't really need a seat bag just to hold my extra tube. I mean really, why the extra 'thingy'? My pals have all been using electrical tape and just lashing a spare tube to their bike at random locations. I'm not so down on the tape thing, so I came up with this great use for those old, rarely used, bottom of the parts-bin toe-clip straps. As you see in the photo, I just strapped my spare tube to the bottom of my seat and wha-la, still have my tube; don't need a seat-bag. Done deal.

I also managed to take advantage of my Kuat Trail Doc for a quick pre-ride brake adjustment. This little gizmo is a pretty dang handy bike stand if you are away from home and need to get trail-ready. Those fellas at Kuat sure do have some creative ideas and do a fab job getting them put into production. Speaking of Kuat...stay tuned for my product review on the Kuat NV later this week. You don't want to die wondering what you should have been using for bicycle transport...and the best part, your bike will love you for it.

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