Monday, December 27, 2010

X-mess Ride...

Burnsey Rollin'
Ran out on Christmas for a quick ride at SMP. It was freggin' chilly riding down the Lawrence hill. I about froze solid in that 1/2 mile. I then took the Mill Creek access trail into the park, climbed the hard hills up to Bluebird Point and then dove into the MTN Bike trails.

The Red trail was feeling good. I had finally adjusted my suspension fork to work as I like, and it was as if the rocks did not exist. Speaking of rocks not existing; There is a weird rock garden on the red trail, you know the one. It is a bizarre section of relatively flat single track through what appears to be an old pasture, and has a few dozen large rocks (approx 6-10" tall by anywhere from 1-3' wide) that look as though they were dumped across the landscape years ago. The line through the rocks is not really great due to this one lunker right in the middle of said trail that is just tall enough to bash your chain ring. The Red trail is relatively new, and this rock looks like it's been hacked at with an axe there are so many chain ring marks in it.
The Missing Rock...FOUND!
Going back to my 'rocks did not exist' comment; [The] trouble rock was gone. Someone had moved it (way) off the trail and left a crater in its place. I can't say that I was all that disappointed, but I am sure the other locals might have a fit about it. I took the liberty of filling in the hole where the rocks once lived, and the line through that section flows much better now, and is of course way easier (which is not as good). The rock was eventually located, about 20 yards off the trail.

Tim swears by the warmth of that ski helmet!
Just as I finished cleaning up the mess, Tim came around the corner on his new Moots SS and I joined him for a few miles of riding. We had a good time on the trail on a fairly nice Christmas day. It was good to get out and spin a little...

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