Monday, December 20, 2010

Leg Explosion...

Had a great couple of rides over the weekend. Saturday I hit up Swope with Steve for a 2 hour ride that was great. Got to see Steve take a good fall on the newer technical section and thought he'd split his noggin in half, but I must have been seeing things because that tough ol' bird got up and tried the section two more times. Way to go Steve. We hit everything (that I know of) at Swope, including some new, un-burnt trails that we got fairly lost on (probably shouldn't have been riding them anyway). Had a great time on the SS and hope to make it out there again asap. My legs keep blowing up early...but as the ride went on, I felt better and better. It takes me a good hour + to get tuned to ride. No wonder I hate CX!
Steve entering 8-pins

Sunday I did a few hours of riding from my casa into Shawnee Mission Park. I did the Ogg Rd/ Hill, which about kicks your a$$ three times over, and that was the warm-up. I've even pulled my kid up Ogg before in the kid trailer, successfully, on my SS. Today I swear there was a dead cow strapped and being dragged behind my bike. F-ing horrendously hard climb!

I took a detour to see how things are going on the 'under-construction' freeride trail. Looking pretty cool with some rad potential. Lots of flowy ups and downs and the first stunt that some Eagle Scout built looks strong enough to drive a garbage truck over. Sweet.

Over to the XC trail and into the goods. Met a few familiar faces on the trail, which for a guy like me is always a good excuse to stop and chat for 30 seconds (rest), then off again to the races. I had a great time and as usual I was able to exit on the new Red trail, which is great, then onto my super secret rogue stuff back to my house. The climb back up the Lawrence hill, which is required when riding from my house, about killed me, as once again my freaking legs have been dying lately. I need to train..but then again, screw training...I have too much fun having fun, and when its not fun, forget about it!

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