Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rocket Man...

Garet made the mad dash into KC for the evening to 'ride bikes'. I was able to get a kitchen pass and join him, though we had to ride my local venue, the baby head death trail. I thought I was being a pussy always complaining about how much SMP beat my ass, every ride. This time it would be Garet making comments about the bumpy-ass workout. I feel better now.

The ride was fun, we cut it a mile or so short of the norm due to the temp dropping, for a total of only about 10 miles. We started out at about 8 p.m. and 32 degrees. When we arrived back at the house, it was near 20. My toes were freezing and I had what Ice Climbers refer to as the 'screaming cold barfees'. This is the feeling you get when your toes or fingers get so cold, then begin to re-warm. It hurts so bad you want to scream and makes you want to toss your cookies. Once rewarmed you are good to go.

All in all I had a fun ride. Garet...not too sure, though I now refer to him as the Rocket Man; this is because he can climb hills like a mutha-trucka! On the ride back to my casa there is a long climb that just zaps every last bit of energy you have. Rocket Man was a solid 150 yards ahead of me by the time he reached to top. Maybe I'm just slow.

And what of my newly installed suspension fork? All I can say is  'Amen to the squish'!

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