Sunday, November 6, 2011

Double Duty...

Today I made up for my crap day at Swope. I got a load of housework done, much needed. Then the entire Pirate Clan suited up for a ten mile ride out to watch the Boulevard Cup Cyclocross action at Stump Park. The Mill Creek Trail is an easy paved ride next to the creek and woods, great for the whole family. We saw many friends at the race and heckled/cheered on a few of the ladies; Sarah who got 2nd and Karen in 4th. Nice work!
We also ran into Steve-o who took 2nd in the old fart class, and T-Donn was gearing up for the fast group - though I heard later that he had a mechanical early in the race that pretty much closed the podium door.
The Pirate Posse
After a good lunch, haircut and some time with my boys I headed out for a quick pre-dinner lap at SMP with Justin, Sarah and Nick. This was a last minute deal for me because I had dinner plans and was not going to ride, but with rain forecasted for the next two days...I just had to get out and force my wrecked ankle back into go mode. It worked, and at least right now, I am in minimal pain and can walk easily to and from the beer fridge. The ride was super good, trails tacky and fast, and my sweet technical outerwear worked like magic.
Team Lumberjack
Now I'm just keeping fingers cross for the Wednesday Night Pirate Ride to be a go, though the weatherman is calling for two days of rain before, and a low of 31 on ride night. Argh! Winter is coming fast, better ride faster!

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JDOUG said...

Good to see you out with the fam today..