Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Day, Another Bike Build...

I'm not sure why it is exactly that I am so OCD about what components I choose to ride. I just have to have certain parts on my bike that I trust, look great, perform and keep me happy. To me it's about piece of mind. To you I might just be nutty. I just cannot buy a pre-built bike. I 'd have to change every component.
So this is the first of many posts pertaining to my 2012 race bike build. Below are the first of a handful of new toys I will be running next season, and as I get the bike built-up I'll post photos, and as I get to ride the completed bike I'll give feedback on how things are or are not working. Below are a few goodies I have en route and am anxious to get my dirty little fingers on.
White Brothers Loop 29er Suspension Fork. I've always loved WB's products. I've had two of the old Magic forks in the past and currently run the Rock Solid Carbon on one of my single speed steeds. Love them all and hope that all of the hype with regards to the new Loop are true. If so I will be one happy camper.
White Industries ENO Single Speed Cranks. Simply the best, most simple single speed crank on the market. Runs on the old square taper BB with a splined chainring interface. I currently run a set of these that I bought eons ago from Cameron Chambers. Still takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Bomber and classy.
This time however I'm going to try out a Homebrewed Components Ti Chainring. Pimp, perfectly round and solid. Built to last. I'm going Black crank arms and naked Ti ring. Yummy.
And last but not least coming in a brown box this week are a set of the Groovy Cycleworks Luv Handles. I've been wanting to try out a pair of these custom bars for years, and finally have them coming. More sweep than an average riser, less sweep than a Mary Bar. This will help with elbow and wrist strain for sure. It's going to be perfect. The one I have coming is black. No need for Snake Print here boys...

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