Saturday, November 5, 2011


Had a good shit-eating time at Swope with Cameron, Travis and Garet. Those three had already done a lap at BuRP in which Cam mentioned crashing like 400* times. I guess the tires were not hooking-up on all of the leave covered rocks. I was ready to get some riding in with my good pals and keeping my fingers crossed that this was going to be the warm-down version at Swope. Usually these fellas mash my d*%$ in the dirt so I was going to have to do whatever it took to keep up. 
The Man, The Myth, The Legend
We rolled out and into the good old Woochuck Run first thing, moving pretty good but at a comfortable pace. It usually takes me a solid half hour to warm-up, and I was hurting a bit but the fellas were in it for a good time, not to beat any records. Cam was on my wheel and we were jibber-jabbering it up as we rolled into 8-pins. I dabbed a million times, feeling all gumby-like and not having an on day. We continued into phase four and were enjoying the fun down hilly section with the nice bumps for good air time. Wanting to play a bit I chose to cross-up my bars on the last big hit and landed slightly tilted, burped my rear tire, grabbed too much front brake and nose-wheelied into a tree. That was crash number one for me, the first of many. It seemed to be the theme of the day.
We did make a stop to play at Marci's playground and the Whales Tail. I tried to ride up one of the 2' rock drops only to crash, requiring tools to fix my bike. Cam was having a lot of fun since he has been riding a bit more of this style stuff since his move to Colorado. Here is a clip of Cam on Whales Tail. Not as impressive as it is in person.
We then headed across the road and onto Woodchuck Run once again. This is a technical section of trail with many rock obstacles and a few variations with drops or weird but cool features. Garet at one point crashed and required tools to fix his bike. I once again crashed hard just after the surfboard, going OTB somehow and crunching the lights outta my ankle. I could barely get back on my bike and make it off the trail and back to the car. I'm not sure what my problem was, but I was THE shit-circus of this ride. Kind of a bummer when you had hopes of riding hard, but at least I was with friends and they are good at just brushing it off as another ride with Burnsey. Thanks for putting up with my freak show excuse for a ride.
I am so looking forward to this ankle healing and getting back out on my bike and riding it like I know what the hell I'm doing. The Swope ride was embarrassing. We all have our off days.

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Rasta Rider said...

maybe it was trying to keep up with those fools...makes you ride like a nut.