Monday, November 14, 2011

Luv and Hate...

My new Groovy Cycles Luv Handles arrived over the weekend. I am super psyched to give these suckers a test ride. They are pretty bitchin'. I'm thinking the comfort factor is going to be at an all time high, especially running a rigid fork.
On a side note; I mounted-up the CX tires that Dirt Dobber gave me. I HATE SKINNY TIRES! Do I need to say it again? As you can see, they look mega-stupid on my 29er. I've already de-mounted those suckers and am going to pay them forward. Skinny tires remind me of elitist, smooth legged girly-boys. I just can't go there.
Instead, I mounted up a set of Specialized The Captain Grid UST (2.0 rear, 2.2 front). Now [these] are some  real man tires! I'm all kinds of ready for winter conditions with the Cappy's.
I do still plan to follow through on racing a CX race before the season's over. I'll just be doing it on a mountain bike instead of a roadie-bike-on-steroids. You're allowed to bunny-hop those dumb barriers right? I prefer to stay on my bike (because I can).

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