Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sand Loop...

This Weeks Pirate Night Ride was postponed. Bummer but so it goes; we needed the rain. Tonight (Thursday) we will do a P-ride with a bit of a flair. Due to wet trails, we will be headed off scouting some good future race course options for the upcoming  Pirate cXc Series. This series will be a blend of XC and CX style racing, at night with courses that are good for both bikes types. More info to come in the following weeks. The Pirate cXc Series will bridge the racing season gap between XC and CX, so welcome to year round racing!

Moving on... last night I could not keep myself off the bike. My cousin Brad caught word that the LRT was dry, that he had a new light system he wanted to test out on the trail and there was a full moon. I was totally IN. I drove to Lawrence around 8:30 to meet Brad for a good ride on the Lawrence River Trail. This trail is super fun, smooth and fast. Brad must have been sneaking in some ride time recently because his pace the entire loop was rock solid. He gave me a tour of the new Sand Loop, which was good training for CX with all of the sand pits and cornering. The trail was perfectly tacky, unlike I'd ever experienced there before. Even with the monsoon rains we'd had the past two days straight, the only water we encountered was the creek crossing, and that's because it's a creek. The moon was rocking, the air crisp, and the trees along the river are flippin' HUGE! I forgot how awesome the trees are.
After the ride I headed home to enjoy the moon, stars and a dip in the hot tub. Man, what a fun night. Just what the doctor ordered.
Thanks Brad for the motivation. It was a great pseudo Pirate ride after all!

Full Moon, Giant Trees, Crisp Air and Dry Trail!

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