Friday, November 11, 2011

Lumber Jacked...

Last night my legs exploded all over the trail. Maybe they imploded. Whatever happened they hurt like a mofo this morning. The Kid and I went for a good 3 plus hour ride in the dark last night. We started out playing on the backyard skills trail; riding the skinnies, rock obstacles and teeter. Doing [that] stuff by headlamp is pretty insane. I mostly sucked, but it was still fun. Eventually we decided it was time to get in some mileage. The Kid had already been out for at least an hour scouting trial to see if anything was dry enough to ride, and when he rolled-in without a muddy bike, I knew it was game-on. Heading down the Lawrence hill is always a slap-in-the-face in winter months. The cold crisp air, cooler and cooler with every mph gained and foot of elevation lost. By the bottom you're frozen, not even close to being warmed up. Before you know it you're looking at a solid climb up and into the singletrack. After another ten minutes our bodies had warmed up, but the temperature was falling fast.
The Kid is always good for some horsing around, and so it goes. We'd stop and ride over, hop over or just fall over Logs that we otherwise might ride around. We'd try to run fallen trees as skinnies. I mostly crashed a lot and just tried to keep up; it was one of those rides. I just never got my legs and was hurting the whole time, yet still had a good time fo sho. 
One of the 4,268* logs on the P-ride loop
Post ride; what else to do on a chilly night but crack open some brewsky's and sit in the hot tub under a full moon and talk bikes, racing and training. I really need to train. I hear that helps. 
Sorry all you bitch-ass-bitches missed out. I'm sure these hard rides make you stronger...or so I'm told.

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