Friday, November 18, 2011

Fixie Friday @ BuRP...

Friday was a good day. My friend GB called and asked if the kids could come over for a play date. I said sure. Justin called and asked if I could come out and play. I said sure.
Burnsey approaching the hard coner on Highline
We met at BuRP for a short lap of the good stuff. The day was perfect for riding, a great change from the freezing cold ride a few nights ago. The wind was howling but inside the canopy of the trees it was perfect. Justin is getting stronger by the day and was enjoying a little more play time on the hard rock challenges that BuRP is known for. We did the Wagon loop then headed over and up to the East Side, dropped back into Little Moab, under Martha Truman and climbed out to finish our ride on Highline; the beast of them all. We played around a bunch on the technical stuff. If we did not send something the first time we'd try again and again until we were either totally denied or able to send.
Justin on one of the many rock playgrounds
on the North section of Highline
At some point I realized that I was running way short on time to get back to meet the babysitter, so we started rolling faster to get back to the cars. Of course that's when Justin blew his rear tire; what looked to be a 1" tear ended up being two holes. We were able to toss in a plug and let the Stans Sealant do the rest and we were back up-and-going in seconds. We made it all the way out of the trails but when we hit the pavement, the plug shot out of the tire and it was like the fourth of July; Stans was shooting everywhere (but eventually sealed). We made it back to the cars without another repair stop.
Justin refusing to take any Sally-lines
I am still feeling like a chump, riding slow and poorly. Must be something in the air, but I still have hella-fun. The bike felt good, the ride was good, the company was good. Thanks GB for giving me the time, Thanks Justin for the motivation.

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