Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekly Pirate Ride...

I'm a busy man. I can't seem to figure out a way to get in enough time on my bike so I am officially brewing up my weekly group night ride. Usually this event is a winter activity but times they are a changing. 1 1/2 - 2 hour ride, pace depends on who shows-up.
This is an invitation only for like minded folks who are cool with the shenanigans related to a typical ride with the Pirate. If you are offended by sex, drugs, rock & roll, hookers, poaching, trespassing, booze or having a crazy good time - don't bother showing your ugly mug at this ride. This is a self supported ride - bring the tools/parts/tubes/air to fix anything that might break. The group is not going to hold your hand when your 10 miles from nowhere with a flat or broken chain and don't have the goods to fix it. We'll help you pit crew style...if you have the stuff to deal. If you are a tool instead of bringing one...see ya. Make sure your light is good to go, battery charged and bring a back-up!
Post ride b.y.o.b. at the Pirates Lair. Once the weather turns cooler we'll do a fire and/or hot tub'n. Optional backyard skills course runs are always welcome. SS or Fixed gear a plus but if all you have is one of those geared tanks, we'll still have you.
Get in touch with me if your game. Check the Weekly Pirate Ride header at the top right of the main page for current date, time and location.

Note: 9/10/11
So far so good. We've had a handful of folks ride each week and the typical agenda is; show up at 7:45, gear-up and we roll around 8:00 sharp. Average 2 hours / 15 mils ride +/-, each week taking a different route on varied terrain (be prepared for anything). The campfire is feeling great with the cool temps, and the Hot tub has seen it's fair share of sore muscles post ride. The crew's been dispersing around midnight in case you want to know when to tell your momma you'll be home. Though 'The Kid' can't seem to figure out what BYOB means, the barley pops have been a flowing and good times had. Chipotle is our weekely ride sponsor so be prepared for antic-awarded burrito possibilities.
Don't die wondering...Show up and get your bike dirty.

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