Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tall Gra$$ and Haulin A$$...

To all you sucka-pants that didn't show up - you missed out on a hella good ride. Five brave souls took to the woods from the Pirates Lair last night for the second of many-to-come Pirate Night Rides. We hit-up all kinds of trail; hero dirt, overgrown jungle, gravel double-track and of course a handful of secret shizzle that I can't even begin to write about here.
The Bald Chimp and The Kid showed for the ride after doing the sit-n-spin roadie ride, so they were warmed up and ready for the real deal. Tampons were removed and balls dropped back into true position.
I'll say the ride was a great success. We had zero mechanicals and all of us had a good time. All but Flatman (who since being dubbed said nickname has upgraded to Specialized Grid tires, tubeless set-up and has had ZERO flats) were riding one gear. The Manimal and I spiced it up a bit and rode our fixed steeds, which turned out to make for even more fun than could possibly be imagined. I had not been on a 26" wheeled bike in months and my Gunnar made me feel like a kid at the pump track. The Bald Chimp was riding my 29er SS, which I call The Tank, and did at some point manage to grab a stick with my rear wheel and knock that sucker right out of true; but she's a tank after all, and TBC kept her rolling.
It was good to have the crew (most of them anyway), as all these fellas are my racing pals from Ethos, show up and have a good time. THIS is what makes a team great, more so than podiums, training hard, fancy bikes or fame & glory - but rather getting out and having a good time with friends that you know and love.

 For those of you who missed out...there's always next week. If you do show up next week, please double check that all of your gear is working before you drive out to B.F.E. only to get shut down by some issues, like a non-working light for example. We will only feel sorry for you for the 30 seconds it takes for the crew to leave you with your pants down as we ride out of site...

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