Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Night Train...

We were teased by the weather gods with mild temps over the weekend, and plans for the Pirate Night ride were sounding better by the minute. That was until the minutes turned to days and the days became hotter than fresh shit. I don't know what the temp was when our train pulled out, but it felt like we were riding into an elephant sized hair dryer and the humidity had to be at 102%. Nonetheless we were determined to have a kick-ass time riding bikes in the darkness, and the clan of Ethos jerks who showed-up to ride was a good crew to make crazyness happen.
The Manimal and I had scoped out some new trail and had an actual plan of what our loop would be, and it was a good loop. We mixed it up a bit with some paved trail for recovery, gravel double track and miles of dusty single track.
The Bald Chimp was sporting a sweet rock climbing helmet and headlamp, always just ahead of the trend. Coletrain was there to experience the event as well as Pyro and the usual suspects; The Kid and The Manimal. We had zero mechanicals and our lights burned bright for two hours, just shy of 20 miles and around 900 ft of elevation gain.
It had to be in the first fifteen minutes of the ride that Coletrain biffed some evasive maneuver and tweaked his knee, only to push on an hour further until he DNF'd. I was the only other to eat-dirt during our ride and that was due to being plain worn-out from chasing the big guns on my fixed gear (and afterk a pre-ride beer). I was hurting but that's sometimes just part of the game.
A good ridewas had with some stand-up fellas, followed by some lounging in the backyard - sipping barley-pops under the stars. Lets do it again next week!

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