Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Madness...

Twas a grand weekend here at the Pirate Lair. We started off the weekend with my little big man learning a lesson about bringing a weapon to a fight, and how that weapon can always be acquired by the enemy and used against you. Here we have my vicious guard dog who was being chased with a baseball bat around the house. Two minutes later my little big man was running around the corner screaming and the mutt was close behind...armed and ready for revenge.
Then it was off to Smithville Lake to pay tribute to the local trail building not-for-profit ERTA. We met a whole posse of trail users, ate some incredible food (free), drank some Beer (free), Donated some gear to be raffled off to benefit the trails, went on a family bike ride with my wife and kids (me and little big man hooked together; me on the Monkey and he on his new trail-a-bike (which is awesome!) and Mrs. Pirate hauling the Burley trailer with big little man). It was a great night to be outside, cool and with a view of the sun setting over the lake. Granny & Gramps Pirate were there too, and Granny P won some sweet gear from none other than Chamois Butt'r. Of course I did not tell her what the product was used for until after I snapped this sweet photo.
Today I did another good Family ride on the paved trail, pulling kids and having fun. If you need a little bit of training Pirate style, drag your 35# kid around on a 30# trail-a-bike for an hour and a half a single speed geared way to tall for climbing hills with a load. That will teach you something that those skinny tires and tights won't. Heck, go old school and try the same load up Ogg Road and see what kills you... You'll learn really quick that it's better to burn-out than to fade, and those endurance races just got one step easier.

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