Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feeling a little Surly...

Awe Yeah, another fine night ride in the books. The Manimal and I took a tour of some undisclosed trail where we did in fact meet some rock obstacles, some nice dirt and 3,624* giant spider webs. I think we may have ridden until dawn but as Casey F. Ryback would say, The Manimals light got it's wrist snapped at 2.5 hours into our ride, so we cut it short only to find ourselves slightly less chilly than the barley pops we ingested. Temps tonight are perfectly cool.
Rolling the anti-freewheel machines once again we had a great time. I have to add that what in years past would have been referred to as the super heavy, unresponsive tank-of-a-1x1 fork, is now a well built stroke of 100mm corrected Surly genius. The 2011 version is way better. I do like it, even better than the Pace carbon I was running prior. Nice work Surly. I'll drink another one to that.

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