Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Blues...

After the near perfect day I had yesterday, (, bike ride, trail building, food and friends) today just seemed a little less-awesome. I had full intent of getting in a good ride somewhere, somehow and a few bros and I decided to give the Blue River Trails a look-see. Travis, Jesse, Kevin and I headed in from the bridge around 12:30 and things were in good shape...until we got near the soccer fields on the newer trail, which was a total, muddy mess. We hopped off our bikes and bushwhacked out of there and onto the soccer fields. Once across the street at the East side, things were looking better...but every now and then we'd still hit some snotty trail and have to walk our bikes (as not to damage the trail). The higher we rode (the east side has three trails that parallel one another; High, Middle and Low) The more mud we encountered and the less motivated we became. We finally just hit the old gravel road bed and got the heck down and out of there. Even though conditions were not optimal, we did get in two hours of hard, fun riding. I can't wait for this freeze-thaw cycle to be over so we can get in some solid, long rides.

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