Friday, February 13, 2009

Smorgasbord of Smells

The Thursday night ride was pleasurably exhausting. Typical fixed gear mountain bike crowd with a few single speeds tossed in for good measure. Good crowd of six riders with nothing but motivation for an adventure. We headed out from Brookside at around 6:30. I remember vague hints of high rise buildings, soft grass-covered dirt slopes, exposed limestone outcrops and never-ending concrete tunnels.
I am fortunate to get to ride with this group, as they seem to know every inch of this god-forsaken town. What started out as a gloomy cool day with potential for rain, turned out to have a happy happy ending. As Cotter said during the ride, something along the lines of "smorgasbord of smells", as the title claims, it is amazing what odors a large city can provide within a three hour time span of riding. Some good and many that, well, twisted my stomach. Oh how I love the city life! I would have to rate this ride on the top 5 rides so far this year, in terms of pure training, fun, pain and adventure...Thanks to my fellow Woodchucks! You guys have a true spirit for shenanigans!

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