Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jesse...Stone Master aka "Manimal"

Jesse, another one of the regular crew, is a manimal. Lately he has been doing a ton of trail work on the Swope Park Trails. His expertise..moving, arranging and building sweet trail out of large slabs of rock. I swear, this guy is like an ant, he can move a stone twenty times his own weight with one hand, and place it perfectly to make for some entertaining riding. Not only is Jesse a Stone Master in the sense of the aforementioned trail building, but he is a bad-ass rock climber and has many years of experience and hundreds of ascents around the country to show for it.
I was fortunate to have the Manimal himself over to my place for some mini-trail work. Here is his sole creation, a 10-12' long, 2' high skinny made out of what else but...STONES!

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