Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parts Bin #1

After a few seasons of riding bikes, building bikes and just playing with bikes, you end up with piles of extra bike parts laying around. I decided that it was time to build. Usually I have found that if you keep your ears open, a friend in need is a friend that can take some of the crap out of your garage for you. You can get rid of endless parts to friends. I love this, it's like a never ending parts bartering extravaganza. This time however, I just wanted to try to build up something from these parts and see what we ended up with. Here is what I have going so far...
Old Gary Fisher Steel Frame - Rear Wheel is a Bontrager rim w/Paul word hub - Front wheel is a Mavic Cross Roc Tubeless - Tires are Specialized Roll X set-up tubeless - Race Face riser bar - Specialized Stem - Cane Creek Aheadset - FSA Dyno Drive cranks - Cranks Bros Smarty Pedals - Surly 1x1 rigid fork - XTR V-brakes and Avid FR5 levers.

I just need to round-up a seat post, saddle, chain ring, bash guard and then figure out if I'm going fixed or single speed with this one...and...will I be able to run this baby w/o a chain tensioner? I have a half-link for the chain and am ready to experiment. Keep your eyes peeled for Parts Bin #2 for the final build...coming soon to a blog near you.


J. Bartel said...

I just built an SS out of an old Raleigh Mountain/Tour frame with vertical dropouts. The half link worked out perfect, actually. I thought I was going to have a rougher time of it. Nice blog. Found you on FixedGearGallery. You can check out my blog at rebscontraptions.blogspot.com
The green bike several posts down is the half link bike.

GenghisKhan said...

I wish I had even close to enough spare parts to start another bike. I wonder if an old patched tube could spawn something? ;o)

One Eyed z said...

I didn't ask while you were just here in the shop... did you come up with a seat post and saddle? I have many parts bins as well and you are welcome to scavange some parts of you need.
Also pre your linkage of me consider yourself linked. However, on the BikeSource link please correct the spelling. BikeSource is one word with two capitals. Don't ask me why.