Friday, February 6, 2009


Thursday nights I've been trying to ride with a group of guys that can't freewheel, can't go slow and stay out until the wee hours of night riding bikes followed by a brew and some food. Tonight that did not happen. Instead, Old faithful Travis, Andre and I headed over to take our chances on some favorite local dirt, BURP.
The Local Mountain Bike Club has a website. On the website is a forum area where members and non-members alike can post info on trail conditions, etc. It seems as though this causes quite a stressful un-rest between the club and outsiders as to who to blame if the trails get trashed from being ridden when they ought not be. In my humble opinion, a few of those overbearing, worried, police-state minded folks need to get off the damn computer and get on the trails. Yes it's been a long winter, but hell man, you gotta ride the trails to know the trails. I am so sick and tired of hearing all the hand-slapping talk, but no real 'I was there' trail reports.
Enough of my crap-talk. Lets go ride...
So Travis, Andre and I headed to BURP. We had scoped out the trails two days ago, and even then, there were good spots and some bad spots. We knew it was risky driving all the way to BURP with the chance we'd not be able to ride. Today however, with perfect temps and dusty trail, we were bound and determined to have a blast or die trying. We took the connector from the bridge over the the East side... dry! The trails were in great shape, and I was literally eating dust behind Travis and having a great time. We did laps on High, Middle and Low over and over again for three hours. There were only a few muddy sections that we'd walk, then re-mount and get back to warp speed. YES! It's like spring is here!
Did I mention that this was my first ride on Highline with the new Fixed gear? All I can say is that I was humbled! We ran Highline at least three times from each direction and I only cleaned it once. The times I did not clean it I wrecked hard or just would fall over. I even fell into T.D. at one point trying to avoid a large rock that I should have 'Monster-Trucked'.
I have a great feeling about this warm spell we are having for the next few days. With some common sense we should all be able to get out and ride some dirt!

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