Monday, June 1, 2009

I heart riding my bike...especially at PERRY!

It had been WAY to freakin' long since I had just gone out riding with my closest riding pals for a day of fun. All the races and race prep had torn me away from my true self and I had forgotten that riding bikes is really fun, you don't have to go so fast all of the time and that riding with your bros is what it is truly all about. Jesse, Travis, Scott, Travis, Richard, Q, Mike and I all met early Saturday for a morning of riding at the Perry Lake trails near Lawrence, Kansas. I had never been to these trails but had heard all of the fishing stories; hard, long climbs, hard, ass kicker, hard and long. I'd have to say that the stories were all true, that the trail was awesome and up hill both ways. We spun about 98% of the trail system out there and just had a helluva good time. We finished up by splitting a sweet watermelon for post-ride desert and headed back to KC with dreams of making it out to ride at Perry more often, as this was my first time with Travis leading the posse. Next time I'll bring the camera...

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