Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Morning CHUB...

This morning I awoke to a HUGE CHUB! Actually, a pair of chubs (and it was last night, not this morning). Chubs that make a Chipotle Burrito look small (that's a big Chub!).
All kidding aside, I'm super psyched to get these sweet, giant, lite, smooth rolling and shall I say 'work of art' hubs built into a nice wheel set and onto my new 29er project. Special thanks to Charlie at The Hive for sending these my way. YAHOO!
I'm keeping my digits crossed that I can have these built into a nice wheel set and on a functional bike for this weekends Missouri State Championship Race, Rhett's Run in Columbia, MO.
Last night I ran up to the great Northland to do a 10 mile lap at the Smithville Lake MTB Trails. There is something enlightening about riding alone on dirt on a singlespeed; no noise, no people, just the faint hum of rubber on earth...bliss.

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