Monday, June 1, 2009

Dream Project 29er...

If new shoes can make you run faster and jump higher, then there must be some kind of rationalization for me building a new bike...right?
It seems as though the fellas on those big-wheeled bikes are always going sooooo fast! I want to be sooooo fast! I have started a killer build (but am awaiting some key parts to finish her up!).
I am going to have Chris Chambers of Podium Cycles (Denver, CO.) build a custom steel frame for me. Cameron was kind enough to let me test ride one of his Podium frames so I could get a feel for exactly what i want. Chris builds some really, really great looking frames!
So I have some Stans Arch 29er rims and these ridiculously pimp hubs coming this week (fingers crossed) and will be having Dale @ BikeSource build up a wheel set for me. Dale comes highly recommend from just about every guy who knows whats up. For cranks, I will be temporarily using my old XT set-up, anxiously awaiting some sweet fifteen.G's in the not so distant future.
I stole parts from my bin to finish the build, typical stuff I like; Thomspon Stem & Post, WTB Saddle, King head set, Truvative OS Carbon bars and White Brothers Magic 29er suspension fork (yeah, I've gone soft, but when you get gotta have some luxury).
I'll keep everyone posted as I get this rig built and out for some rides. I have a good feeling about the rest of the race season, ride season and am really getting psyched for Leadville. I think this will be the bike to roll those 100 miles at altitude!

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