Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rhett's Run MTB Race Report

Sunday morning Cliff, John, Randy and I headed out to meet Cameron and Travis in Columbia, Missouri for the Midwest Fat Tire Series Race # 6, Rhett's Run. We arrived an hour or so before the start time to get our bikes ready and check out the course. The weather was not looking so great and it was raining or had been raining off and on. Travis and Cam headed out for a pre-lap. They arrived back at the cars covered in mud but looking pretty psyched and giving the classic "It's not that bad" with regards to the trail conditions. John and I decided to go check it out for ourselves and indeed, it was not too bad, just slippery in a few spots and not too muddy. John headed back early and I continued my pre-ride. I was feeling good. I looked at my watch and it was getting close to start time so I took a gravel road short cut to get back to the pit area. I made a wrong turn and frantically tried to find my way but I was lost. A jogger appeared out of nowhere and gave me directions the direction I had just come from. I had to back-track and climb out this big-ass hill. I was anxious and really caused my body a bit of grief getting back in time to start the race.

Once at the start line, I felt ready to rumble. We were off and I was fourth into the single track. I was feeling pretty good. The first few hundred yards consisted of a steep down hill section that was sick and covered with random rocks. I heard the guy behind my crash hard, probably taking down a few others with him. This gave the four of us time to make a big gap. The course was super fun; tight corners, steep hills, long downs, lots of rocks, just awesome all around. Soon a couple of the team Seagal fellas passed me looking strong. On lap two I started feeling sick. I was trying to tell myself to just keep going. I was cramping on my right side and could not take it anymore. I stopped, sat on a log, removed my helmet and rested for probably 5-10 minutes. After the rest, some food and water, I was feeling better and got back on my bike to finish the race, though at this point I was just wanting to finish, period.

Single Speed Start with John and I representing Cow Town

The third lap was not too bad, but I was moving slow ever since the stop. I came into the finish just 50 seconds past the cut-off for a fourth lap. I finished 8th which was 'not last', so i was o.k. with that, but wishing I had performed better. I guess working the day before at my folks farm, removing eleven huge bushes, digging a french drain and moving a bunch of rock and gravel must not have been the optimal pre-race day rest that my body needed. Live and learn! Overall I had a fun time with friends, which is what it's all about.

Cameron takes 2nd Place in Expert

Travis Takes 1st Place in Sport Class

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