Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mad Props......

A BIG Congrats to the local Woodchucks for kicking some major a$$ at the 24 Hours of Big Bear race in West Verginia over the weekend. Scott Capstack, Jason Gaikowski, Cameron Chambers and Craig Stoeltzing (Team Star Spangled Bangers) made the drive from Kansas City to represent and make us all proud with a 2nd place finish in the Men's Expert class and 3rd place overall. I know these fellas are f-ing fast, but you really just don't know how fast until you get to compare them to other riders in other parts of the country. Damn! Cameron had some bitchen-fast lap times, with 3 of the top 20 fastest lap times for the event. They also were one of three teams to do a total of 18 laps, holy crap!
Check out Cameron's race report HERE.
Nice work fellas! Best of luck with the rest of the race season!

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