Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Misc Ramblings...

It's been a while since I've posted anything entertaining. Don't get too excited, you won't find enlightenment in this post either, sorry. I just wanted to say hey and mention that the next race will be in Columbia Missouri on June 7th. In preparation I have been riding quite a bit here locally. I have Shawnee Mission Park in my backyard, and have been out riding a few days a week there, pulling about 14 miles of dirt each ride. I hooked up with Jesse and Travis for three solid hours of riding at Landahl over the holiday weekend, which was great. I love all of the rock gardens and variety of riding styles that are available out there. I also have hit-up Swope for a few laps, but If I could get to that side of town more often, I can see how one would become quite the racing animal. The trail there is just amazing, and the work that has been done is way over-the-top and has made for a great start to what may very well be the best single track trail system in the Midwest.
On a side note, I am selling my baby, my Surly 1x1. I have finally decided that she is just not my exact fit, and I am going to try the 29er thing once again. I feel like every race there is some guy on a 29er SS that can just fly by me and for that there has to be a reason. I think it's the big wheels so I am going for it. I have some parts on the way and will post up as I get the build started. Look out! This is going to be one pimp-ass ride!

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