Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Schooled...

What a whirl wind of a week it's been as far as riding bikes and enjoying perfect weather. First it was 2 hours at the Pirate Ride, then 3 hours at Swope. Tonight, to top it all of was a night ride on the trusty SS with none other than The Manimal and Taylor at BuRP. Nine o'clock and we were off and into the winding treasure known as The Wagon Trail. As we twisted and turned through the sweet and rocky terrain we heard strange noises; maybe a pack of man-eating werewolves. It was an eerie sound, and if any one of us were riding alone, it would have been ride over and pants soiled. Since we were a party of three, we knew we could fend off any mystical creature in our path so we trudged on - through the many technical rock sections that are the gem of the Wagon Trail.
In reality the fun just never ends at BuRP. We hit up all the classic goods; Little Moab, Highline, Rocky Top, Wagon, etc. The rock gardens don't get any better or more challenging than this. The lines are improbable and we tried variations time and time again, only to get an occasional spanking on trail that at one time we could ride with general ease. It had been way too long, distracted with all the hype of new trail at Swope and the blindfold of racing. It was a great thing to get a taste of what we had been missing out on this season, one of our old regular rides. We had a blast. Lets do that again...soon.

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