Thursday, October 20, 2011

Night Ride Highlights...

Seems like just yesterday it was 80 degrees and I was sweating my arse off trying to keep up with farmer on a lap at BuRP. Last night was a far cry from 80, it was in the 30's, and most of the usual Pirate Ride suspects crawled up in their shells. It was only Justin and I who dared take on the extreme temps to get our ride on, and ride we did.
A more casual than usual start sent us off wandering around in the dark for a few hours of adventurous riding. We skipped a fair amount of the real a$$ kicking climbs and baby-head infested trail to enjoy a loop of the best of the best. We stopped many times to retrace our failed steps at an obstacle to try it again, learning how to achieve the highest level of pure awesomeness there is. Like I've mentioned before, the P-ride is full of log hopping. There are so many dang logs that if you can't hop one, you get left in the dust. We made sure to get our skills dialed-in, even trying a few no-goers that were way off the deck and way out of our league.
At one point we stopped at the stone wall ride, and I pressured Justin into trying it one two many times, all with the confidence builder of me spotting him on the sketchy side. I failed in my duties only to seemingly help him eat the pavement hard, and his knee took the brunt of the fall.
Not skipping a beet Justin wanted to just 'ride it off' and so we went on. It was a chilly night, our fingers and toes were starting to feel that sting of winter. We headed home for a beer and some small talk before we called it a night.
With the BTepic just a few days out, I really hope his knee heals quick. I feel really bad about it. Much worse than I felt when we found this new kick-stand for my bike; a partial deer leg; kinned to the hoof and looking gnarly. We had to be kids and mess with it just long enough to get a photo and a good laugh. That is why I enjoy riding bikes...the foolery of it all, and a laugh to remind me that it's all in good fun.

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Rasta Rider said...

is that a driveside chainstay? either way...ouch